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Hi, we've been trying the following:

1. Set up a qSiSelector that show data from a SP in SQLServer: the data and the ID's are working just fine!

2. Set up a second qSiSelector from a SP in SQLServer using the value from 1 as an input parameter without results. The SP is called with an empty parameter.

We checked the SessionName and the SourceName to be sure we're using the right ones, and we are.

The SP is being executed fine (since we added some test data to see if it was working and the second qSiSelector displays the test data) and everything seems to be fine, still, when the SP is executed the value in the session variable appears to be empty.

We have both Apps in the same page and read the QuickApps config up and down, still, can't figure out if this is some fault while configuring the apps or it's some bug inside the apps.

What might we be doing wrong? Is there a step by step tutorial somewhere online we can check? So far the information found was, at least, poor, so we're asking here.

Thx in advance!

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  • Hi Sebastian,

    I cannot reproduce the issue, can you tell me what Quick Apps version you are using? And please provide the two qSISelector templates for me.

    I would like to share my configuration for you:

    1. One qSISelector configure with a SP, and this SP will return all the data,
    2. The second qSISelector configure a another SP, this SP need to receive a ID input parameter to filter the data. The Session Name in this parameter is the same with the first qSISelector, and the Source Name is “ID”;



  • Kenny, thanks for your reply.

    Your example set us on the right path, I think.

    We may have misunderstood the Name / Source Name function.

    We thought that using the Name we set in the first qSiSelector as the Source Name for the second qSiSelector was the way to connect both apps.

    But it turns out that we got it working (using your example) by using the PK field name in the first qSiSelector as the Source Name for the second.

    This doesn't quite fit with the documentation provided, but, since it's working, this is the aproach we'll be using in future configurations.

    We are using QuickApps For SharePoint 6.4 (just in case).

    Thanks again!