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I am using qlistview to show a SP list rollup. However, the qlistview columns are not populating with data. When I view the actual list I see the columns have data in them but its not reflecting in qlistview.

How do I force the data to show.

I have deleted and re-added not only the qlistview webpart numerous time but also the columns. It still will not update with the data.

What am I missing? 

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  • Hi Tanker,


    The rollup list setting is work fine in my lab. I would like to share my setting.


    1. Create a new list by selecting “Dell Rollup List” template.
    2. Add two items into the rollup list: a. the site url is http://mysite/lists/; b. the site url is http://mysite/subsite/; they are all activate.
    3. Go to the qListView, select the Rollup List into the Viewed Lists setting, click “Edit” button, check the “Is Roll Up List” and fin the “Rolled Up List Name” setting, in this example, the “Rolled Up List Name” is “Chart Data”. And this list exist in the both site that I set in the rollup list.
    4. Choose some display fields.


    After that, the qListView can display the list data form http://mysite/lists/ and http://mysite/subsite/.


    Please try it in your lab. If you still cannot let it work, please feel free to contact me.