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qListForm validation is very broken.

qListForm validation is very broken.

  • Broken Validation Webparts.zip

    I am using Quick Apps 6.4 (Build 2014.11.20).

    I have pages with qListForms for editing my list items.  My List has a lookup field, a date, and a checkbox.  My business rules state that the checkbox can only be checked if either the lookup has a value selected, or a date is entered.

    I tried setting up a form validation rule on the checkbox field to be Invalid When: Date Is Null AND Lookup Is Null and Checkbox = 1.  This validation evaulates true when those conditions are met, however it still evaulates true when the checkbox is checked and the date is not null.  The Is Null comparison is not evaluating correctly for the date field.

    After playing with it, I discovered that the Is Not Null comparison does work for the date field so I changed my validation to be Valid When: Date Is Not Null OR Lookup Is Not Null OR Checkbox <> 1.  This validation works in all cases, EXCEPT if I use a custom action with the Perform Validation checkbox checked, the validation stops the record from being saved, but the validation message doesn't display.  If I use the built in Save/Close button, or if I remove the Lookup field from the validation then the validation message shows.  This is problematic because I wanted a custom action to Save only, but I can't have that because without the validation message it appears like the record saved successfully.  

    In Edit Mode when I clear a previously saved date, the validation check doesn't consider the value to be cleared, so it uses the current value which results in incorrect validation. For example, if I edit a record with a date and the checkbox checked, and clear the date, it saves the record with no date and a checked checkbox.  Next time I edit the record it will throw a validation error if I don't change any values.

    I've attached two webparts that demonstrate the issue.  


  • Hi Greg,

    I confirmed using 'Is Null' operator in the FormComponentBehavior for a DateTime field has a bug. I have logged it, the bug id is 472314. We will fix it in the futue, you can use this bug id to track the status.

    Thank you very much for helping us to find this bug!

    For another two issues I will do more analysis on them later. Will let you know once I have a result.



  • Hi Greg,

    You are the most awesome user I have ever seen!

    I confirmed the second issue and the third issue are also bugs. And I have logged them for you. The following are the bug id:

    472620: Bug: Save Action works with FormComponentBehavior validation, there is an issue when the conditions contain a lookup field whose value is "(None)".

    472637: Bug: qListForm in Edit Mode, Form Component Behavior validation has issue if the conditions contains a DateTime field whose value is null. 

    Many thanks for you great help to improve our product!