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How do I add a source parameter to a GoToURL Action?

How do I add a source parameter to a GoToURL Action?

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I have a Custom Action button in my toolbar which opens page in a dialog.  That dialog page has a custom action which uses GoToSource since it's opened from multiple locations.  How can I add a source HTTP Parameter on my GoToURL action?  I've tried to use the Input source, but I'm not clear on how that works, or if it would even suit my needs.

I'd like to just type the name and value for my parameter, but I don't see a way I can do that.



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  • Hi there,

    When you select “GoToURL” in the custom action setting, you can add the parameter simply. As you mentioned above, you can select the “ListItem” in the “Source”, that means you want to get the parameter form the selected item, the “Source Name” means where in the source you want to get your information from, for example, you want to pass the value form ID field, you need to set the ID in there, the “Name” means the HTTP parameter name, something like: ”MyID”.

    After that, you select the item, then click this custom action, the URL is http://.....?MyID=1.


  • I was trying to add my parameter directly to the URL, but any query string I was putting in was getting wiped out whenever I used the Dialog option.  When using dialog the query string portion of the URL was being replaced with ?IsDlg=1.  What I did was I added &IsDlg=1 to the query string manually and that prevented the query string from being wiped out.

  • I cannot repro this issue. Which version you are using? Can you provide the web part template for me?