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Field Descriptions - Spacing

Field Descriptions - Spacing

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Is there any way field Descriptions can be tight against the bottom it corresponding field for all control types, not just text boxes?  If you look at the attached screenshot you can see a lot of white space under lookups and date controls.

There is actually more white space above the Description than under it and it is confusing as to which field the Description is for.

The default SharePoint forms handles this pretty well.



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  • Hi Travis,

    I can provide the workaround for this case:

    1. Drag a HTML Form Web Part into the page;
    2. Make sure the page is under the edit page mode, click the “Source Editor” setting for the HTML Form Web Part, put the below code into the dialog, that will create a new style class, and this class will be used to affect the description style:



    position: absolute !important;

    margin-top: -15px !important;



    1. Open the ezEdit for qListForm, apply this class for the field description, something like that:

    <span class="myClass">Description for this field</span>


    save the settings.


    Hope that can help you…



  • Thanks Kenny,

    So since a work around is required, would this be considered a bug?


  • Hi Trav,

    I don’t think so, if you view the source code in the browser, you will see all the style of the descriptions are the same, they are suing the <br/> tag as a break line. But some of the controls are special, for example, the dropdown control is wrapping by a <span>. So you will see there are some difference with others.

    Actually, you can write the CSS code into the description, something like: <span style=” position: absolute ; margin-top: -15px;”>[DESCRIPTION]</span>.