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qSIListForm Attachments

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Is there currently a way to customize a field for attachment uploads as you can do in qListForm?

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  • Hi there,


    qSIListForm is designed to connect to the database, and you can do some operations by using the stored procedures. You may can upload something by using the stored procedure, but how to display it in qSIListForm is also a problem.


    I have an idea for your case, store the attachment into SharePoint document library, and just store the attachment link in DB. qSIListForm just display the link for user, click this link will download the attachment. You can use qListForm for uploading the file into SharePoint, and create a custom action that contains two actions, the first one is for saving the file into SharePoint, the second one is a GoToURL action, the URL is located to the qSIListForm page, but in the GoToURL action, you must add a parameter that carry the file URL. at that time, after uploading the file, the page will be navigated to the qSIListForm, and you can configure the qSIListForm to consume the HTTP parameter to save the attachment’s URL.


    Hope this can help you.