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Question on QListView Webpart

Question on QListView Webpart

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I want to auto update the several lists from different site collections but not the permissions. I just want new items. If quest has some product that we can buy or any workaround suggestion that will be awesome. This is important for me as this roll up data is used for customer auditing and right now I have do it manually at all different ten places(which is time consuming and not practical).




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  • Does any one have an answer to this? Any help is appreciated. We are on 6.3 version on Quick Apps on SharePoint 2013.

  • Hi Vishwas,

    I am not sure if I understand your question well. Do you mean you want to add the same new items to several lists from different site collections? Could you provide us with an example?



  • Hi Cindy,

    What my user wants is to be able to pull new items from different lists whenever they are added to the source list. Ex: I have a list A, which is my source list. Then, I have List B, C , D and E.  I want the new items in List B, C, D and E to be added automatically to List A. Is that possible? I Any other web part you guys have that could do this? We may be able to buy if there is something that can help do this...



  • Just to be more clear.

    The user has a qList View web part in place, it has several lists in the Site Collection that roll up to it with different permission on the back end. The request is that when a “new” item is added, all of the data associated with all of the lists is auto-updated (any new items, permissions are not needed).

  • Hi Vishwas,

    I don’t think you can update the item if you don’t have the permission. But the automate update the items in other lists could be achieved, you can try to create a workflow to do that. That workflow is responsible for update the items in other lists.

    I assume that the new item action is using the qListForm to do that, when you click the ‘New’ button in qListView, the page should be navigated to another page that contains the qListForm, and this qListForm is configure a Custom Actions that save the item and trigger the workflow:

    1. Right click the ‘Toolbar Buttons ’-> ‘Add Action Item’;
    2. Input the ‘Text’, that will be shown in the toolbar, something like “Save and Update”;
    3. Click “Add Action”, configure this action is ‘Save’ action;
    4. Click “Add Action” again, configure this action type is “StartWorkflow”, select the workflow that you have define previously;
    5. Navigate to “Toolbar” configuration in ezEdit, turn off the “Show Save Button” setting;
    6. Save all;

    Now the the default “Save” button is replaced by “Save and Update” button. If you click it, not only the current item will be saved, the workflow will be triggered to update another items. But I am not sure what will happen if the user doesn’t have the “update” permission during running the workflow.


  • Hi,

    An event receiver would also be able to do this...