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Required When form behavior for Date fields

Required When form behavior for Date fields

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I'm using a Required When form component behavior on a date field so that the date is only required when a checkbox field on my qListForm is checked.  The field does become required, but I have two problems:

1.  If I try to save with a blank date, a default date of 01/01/0001 is being put in to the field, which SharePoint does not recognize as a valid date.  Clicking save again with that value results in an error.  I can't find anywhere to change the value of that default, or anywhere to get rid of it.  How can I stop the 01/01/0001 value from showing up?  My list is setup so that the date field is not required and has no default.  Setting a default value on the list had no effect.

2. Instead of displaying the Required When Message, only a red star appears next to the field name.  This only occurs with date fields.  For a text field the message shows up correctly.

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  • Hi,

    Sorry, I cannot reproduce this issue, could you please provide the web part template? And what the SharePoint version you are using?


  • Edit

    After more playing, I've found that this only occurs when using the qListForm in EditListItem mode.  In NewListItem mode everything works as expected.

    I'm using Sharepoint 2013, and Quick Apps 6.4 (Build 2014.11.20).  I've exported the web part and attached the dwp.


  • Hi Greg,


    I can reproduce this case, I confirmed that is a bug for qListForm, the bug ID is #451318.