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Close Dialog custom action

Close Dialog custom action

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We using the Close Dialog action to close a qListForm dialog box, under the assumption it would act exactly like a user clicking the 'X'.  Just close the dialog and not impact the system behind the scenes.

But, the page refreshes behind the scenes every time.  Is there anyway to stop that?

Thank you in advance.


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  • Hi Trav,


    The custom actions setting is designed for supporting multiple actions, you can define many actions at the same time. So for this case, the Close Dialog action should refresh the page. it is not way to stop it refresh the page currently.



  • Thanks Kenny,

    Our scenario is, we have lists with hundreds of records.  The user might scroll all the way down to item 40 or 400.  The user will click edit open a qListForm in a Dialog box.  The user will edit the record, click save and click Close (which calls CloseDialog).

    The problem is, the list behind the scenes will refresh and if the user needs to review their information on record 400...the user must scroll all the way down to record 400.

    Any suggestion on how to close a dialog have take the user back to the record they were editing?  Or should we consider another approach?

    Thanks Kenny,


  • Hi Trav,

    If I understand your question well, you are using a qListView to display a list that contains many items, then user scroll down the list and select the item, click “Edit”, then the dialog is opened and navigate to the qListFrom to edit it. After closing the dialog, the qListView page will be refresh and the selected item status is gone.

    But in my oppion, if the page is not refresh, the item cannot be updated in qListView.

    But anyway, if you want to keep the selected item in qListView, I suggest you can set the ‘Launch Form In’ to ‘NewWindow’ instead of the ‘Dialog’(the default way is dialog in SP 2010). I show you the step below:

    1. Open the ezEdit in qListView;
    2. Cliek “Viewed Lists”;
    3. Click “Edit” of the list;
    4. Select the “Launch Form In” to “NewWindow”;

    After that, the edit page will be opened in a new window, and keep the item is selected after the new window opened.