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We have a qlistview webpart that is connected to a list with one child list.  It is set up so that users can create new items from the qlistview part and there are three content types that they can choose from.  When they click on the 'New' dropdown, it lists each of the content types that they can create with the word 'New' in front of them. 

Is it possible to remove the word 'New' from the New dropdown choices? 

Please advise.

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  • Hi,

    There is no way to remove the ‘New’ from the New dropdown choices. I think you would try to create a custom actions in qListView by using below steps:

    1. Dropdown the ‘New’ menu, click the items, the new page should be opened, right click the page, select “Properties”, you can see the Address URL, copy it.
    2. Create a custom action in the toolbar, the action type is ‘GoToURL’, paste the URL to ‘URL’ field. If the URL contains the ‘IsDlg’ parameter, remove it.
    3. Save all.

    After that, the new action should be displayed in the toolbar, you can use this action as the workaround.