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Calendar Sorting

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I have a qCalendarView web part that we are using.  When the data is displayed on any particular day, the order of the rows displayed seems random (perhaps by ID).  Is there a way to define the sort order like we can on all of the other web parts?  For example we are displaying equipment schedules and it is confusing to see the data out of order on the Month view:

day 1: MS1, MS5, MS3, MS2 --> would like to see MS1, MS2, MS3, MS5

day 2: MS2, MS5, MS4, MS1 --> would like to see MS1, MS2, MS4, MS5

These are 8 different rows in the list.

On the Day View, I see by time, which is correct.  But when there are multiple items for the same time it would be nice to be able to define the sort order.  The same would go for the week view.

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  • Hi,

    qCalendarView doesn’t support this feature currently, I have create an enhancement request for your case. The case number is <ADMIN NOTE: Case number removed per privacy policy> . Thanks for your suggestion.


  • was there ever a resolution to this need?

    I require the same thing.

    The closest I could get was to create a dummy date/time field and create an index in it via a workflow. The problem is then that index shows up in the hover over text and on the calendar when only one item is on a day.

    This is being done in a custom (calendar) list with the standard monthly calendar view. For events, not resources however the sorting issue is a main criteria. We need to be able to group a day's service event items by the team which is handling the events.  Separate calendars with overlays is insufficient, they need to reside within the same list.