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Can qListView display Document Sets?

Can qListView display Document Sets?

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We have a Document Library with two OOB content types: “Documents” and “Document Set”. We are then using qListView to select the Document Library and the desired Display Fields, and setting a 'CAML filter for folders' with the Condition of Content Type = Document Set

However, qListView is displaying all the documents in the Library and not the actual Document Sets. Is it possible to use qListView to simply display all of the Document Sets in the Library and their metadata (we are not concerned about displaying the documents)?



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  • Hi Alessandro,


    qListView treat document set as a folder, You can set the “Content Type = Document Set” into “CAML Filter for Folders”, but you should turn on the ‘Show Folders Button’ setting in ‘Toolbar’ section after the CAML filter for Folders setting. After that, you can select the difference document set in the toolbar.