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qListView Conditional field background color

qListView Conditional field background color

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I saw that it was possible to set a background color for a row using the Main View Appearance Field Name and Color Appearance under the Grid Appearance tab.  Is it possible to set a conditional background color based a certain value just for a field and not the whole row?

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  • Hi Brian,

    Please try to use the Edit button next to the Color Appearance text box and then under the Main View tab you can set your conditions.

    If you want to use an equal condition use the field called "Field Value". If your field is numeric you can use the previous field or you can specify an interval type condition (greater than and less than) using the field "Field Value Range". For more details please check our documentation.

    If you've tried that already please provide your QWP and SP version as well as the web part and list template and the scenario you want to accomplish.



  • Can you give an example that shows the syntax?  Are square brackets needed for Field Value? How is the range defined?

  • Hi,


    No, you don’t need to use the square brackets in the field. About the range, just use the ‘-’, for example: ‘10 – 100’. You can check the help document to get more details about how to set the Color Appearance setting.



  • If I have a field called, "Due Date" and I want it to show red if that date is in the past, do I put Due Date in the Field Value field?  Do I put 0-[today] in the Field Value Range?  <[today]? No square brackets?

  • Hello,


    qListView doesn’t support this feature. It just support the number range, or the fix value. Does not support the [today] expression.