If you've ever attended a SharePoint Technology Conference, you know all too well what a "Lightning Talk" is.  This is supposed to be an opportunity for vendors to drive traffic to the exhibit hall...Each vendor has 5 minutes to talk about, well, something.  Over the years, the SharePoint experts do what all SharePoint experts do...they have taken over this marketing moment and turned it into something about, well, something about them.  And we all love it!

No different for Dell Software....Do you know Dan Barker (@barkingd)?  He is a product manager for our SharePoint products.  I believe one of his employment goals for FY15 is "become a SharePoint DIVA" because he is well on his way.  Anyhow, I thought I'd share a video of his lightning talk in the event you have 5 minutes of your life to kill on this Friday morning.  If you like it, it was designed by our passionate, inspirational, over-achieving and fun-lovin' Product Marketing team.  If not so much, well, let's blame Diva Dan!

Regardless of how you feel about it - there is no doubt that we love what we do - and we love to have fun. So, sit back and pile on some 'dessert' and watch Dan go at it.

If you ARE at SP TECH CON San Fran, today is your LAST CHANCE to spin to win (EVERY SPIN IS A WINNER). So get on down to the Dell Software booth and get yourself a prize!