During the last week of February, every call I received began the same way… “Are you going to be there?” Anyone who has been a part of this lifestyle called SharePoint Community knows “where”.  And, for most – if not all - of us the answer without hesitation is “HELL YES! I’ll be in Vegas for Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014!”…Then the conversations continued something like this:

SharePoint friend: So, which parties are you signed up for?

Me: All of them!


SharePoint friend: Oh by the way, how have you been?

Me:  Insane, preparing for SPC!


SharePoint friend: Hey, Quest has been with Dell Software for almost 2 years now – you ever met Michael Dell?  Is he cool? 

Me No, I’ve not met him personally yet – I do know someone who knows someone who actually presented for him this one time!  And, I’m connected with his profile on Facebook Lol!


SharePoint friend: Are you guys giving out any free laptops? Can you get me one? 

Me Ha ha ha can you get ME one?


SharePoint friend: Last year you guys rocked the exhibit hall – you doin’ anything there this year? 

Me Oh, you know, fighting babies, goats on highwire, Elvis, Clowns, bacon – the usual stuff that we’ve been working on for the last 6 months or so (disclaimer – no babies, goats, clowns, bacon or Elvis…well maybe Elvis or bacon).


SharePoint friend: So, now that you are integrated into Dell – you guys still committed to SharePoint

Me SharePoint is a big bet for Dell.  This blog post by VP Steve Dickson talks about the matter.  SharePoint is at the heart of our Windows Management product group.  The same folks you’ve seen conference after conference are still committed to this team – many of us joined the SharePoint team in 2007 and we continue to drink the SharePoint kool-aid!


SharePoint friend: What ARE you guys planning to do this year?  Your booth is always WILD! 

Me Holy cow!  I am so excited – have you heard that this is going to be the biggest, most awesome SharePoint Conference ever?  Team Dell Software is all fired up…you’ll have to come to the booth to see how wild we are this year – but I suggest you come early…If you look in your attendee bag, you’ll find a flier that will explain all about our #dellspcwalk promotion.  Grab a pedometer and wear it through the conference – person with the most steps is a winner! <official rules here>


So – let’s talk more at SPC 14, ok?   Please stop at booth #1624 and find me!  Then, learn how Dell Software can help you transform your conference experience! Here are the important details:

  • LOCATION: Booth #1624 at the front of the expo hall, next to the social media lounge
  • SPONSORSHIP: We’re once again a premier sponsor with an extra big booth and signage in every other elevator in the Venetian and Palazzo – you’ll know we’re here!
  • ZANY GAME/CASH PRIZES: Expect another wacky game that lets you win cash and learn about our offerings
  • #dellspsc walk contest:  #dellspcwalk promotion.  Grab a pedometer and where it through the conference – person with the most steps is a winner! <official rules here>
  • OFFERINGS/EXPERTS FOR Q&A: We’ve got migration, customization, management, infrastructure and services experts on hand to answer your questions
    • o   Sunday, March 2
      • §  8:15 p.m.-8:30 p.m. - The Dell SharePoint story @ Partner Theatre in expo hall
  • o   Monday, March 3
  • o   Wed, March 5
    • §  12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. – Best Practices for Connecting Business-critical Data into SharePoint @ SharePoint Pavilion in expo hall

Be sure to follow us on twitter @dellsharepoint and #dellspcwalk!

Viva Las Vegas!