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Faulting application MlfAsgSmtp.exe, version

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Faulting application MlfAsgSmtp.exe, version

  • Dears,

    Lately we have mail problems. The SMTP is not responding anymore. The only 'cure' is to reboot the machine. The event viewer is showing the following:

    Faulting application MlfAsgSmtp.exe, version, faulting module MlfAsgSmtp.exe, version, fault address 0x000d5ae0.

    Afterwards the event viewer is showing:

    Email Security: CRITICAL:
    Summary: SonicWALL Email Security Gateway not responding to SMTP test
    Description: Failed to read SMTP banner after 6 attempts: No error - xx.domain.nl:25

    RecommendedAction: Check the host for network connectivity, make sure the MlfAsg Gateway service is running, and verify that enough disk space is available

    What can cause this problem? There is more than enough disk space available.

    Thank in advance,

  • Jasper,

    I am having a similar problem with my ESA 3300 f/w Did you ever get an answer?

  • Hi Scott,

    No answer, but i found out that my temporary directory had a lot of files.
    I deleted all those files and the problem disappeared.

    A week later, to help the (virtual) machine, i also increased the memory from 2 gb to 4 gb.

    Since then no problems..