Please find below Support's Top 5 recommended "Email Security" articles for the week of April 09, 2015.

1. What is Audit Trail Feature on Email security? - Explanation about Audit trail feature on Email security

 2. How to rebuild the thumbprints for Email Security (to address the Thumbprint is Stale Alert or fix a corrupted thumbprint/ MySQL database) - How to trouble the thumbprint or Mysql errors on Email security.

 3. How to upgrade firmware on Email security Appliances - Steps to upgrade Firmware on Email Security appliance.

 4. How to set up your MX record after you activated Email Security Hosted Solution - This explains about how to setup MX record after activating Hosted Email security.

 5. Options to reduce Mail Volume Overhead / Improve SMTP performance on Email security - To improve the performance of the email security here are the recommended steps

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