Please find below Support's Top 5 recommended Email Security articles for the week of Jan 12, 2015!

1.How to upgrade firmware on Email security Appliances- Explains steps on how to do the firmware upgrade on email security appliances.

2. Upgrade to Email Security Appliance’s Firmware is halted/stuck/not working- Explains how to make upgrade work if its stuck or not working.

3. How to add domains in LDAP configuration to appear on the list in the drop down while logging in as user.-  How to make sure the LDAP login works and steps on how to fix it is not working.

4. How to Setup Spam Submission to submit Junk emails - Steps on how to set up spam submission account ( send feed of missed spam to SonicWALL) on email security device.

5. How to configure a smart host in MS Exchange 2010  - How to configure exchange server 2010 to send outbound emails through Email security server.

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