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DDP|E and Sleep/hibernation

DDP|E and Sleep/hibernation

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I have multiple laptops that have issues with waking after sleep or hibernation. Are there some sleep/hibernation settings that I should be configuring to make them work with ddp|e

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  • hi Jamesthehammer!

    Could you elaborate a bit on what you are experiencing with the wake from sleep/hibernate on these devices? Are they going into blue screens or black screens? What technology are you leveraging? Software encryption with Dell Data Protection | Encryption, SED management or Bitlocker Management?

    It may be quicker to resolve your issues with a case via phone support. Are you able to reach out to our teams at 877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039?

    Let me know if a case does exist, and i can definitely put a set of eyes on the case to make sure we get you a resolution as quickly as possible.


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