Product Updates

Product Updates

We recently announced availability of two new products and enhancements to others in the Data Security Solutions portfolio.

**NEW** DDP | Server Encryption (DDP | SE)

DDP | SE provides encryption for Windows Endpoint servers.  Product key features include comprehensive software encryption to protect against Smash-and-grab, support for hardware and software RAID and, external media encryption and advanced port control.

**NEW** DDP | Endpoint Recovery (DDP | ER)

DDP | ER provides backup and fast recovery of vital business data

Enhancements to DDP Portfolio include:

  • DDP | Cloud Edition 2.0 - now incorporates support for Google Drive & MS OneDrive for business and includes support for Windows 10
  • Cloud storage provider profiles are now automatically updated daily on DDP | Enterprise Edition & DDP | Virtual Edition servers.  Updates are delivered to Cloud Edition clients when policies are committed.
  • Updates have been made to DDP | E 8.7 for Mac, DDP | ESS 1.2, & DDP | Security Tools 1.7, Enterprise edition & Virtual edition servers

These release updates are now available for download via  We encourage all users of earlier versions to upgrade to the latest releases.  For questions or more information, please see the product documentation and release notes or email us at

  • should this product even be on a personal computer that is not connected to a business? it seems like total overkill for my computer and not sure why the sales person talked my husband into buying it with my new computer, when all I needed was Norton which I have used for years. We have been trying to set this up since September and from what I can find out, it doesn't scan my email, do backups, or warn me if a website is unsafe or any thing else that Norton does without the hassle this software has caused. I have just spent another 3 hours today trying to find out if it is compatible with Norton since Norton will also work on my iPhone and ipad

  • It wouldn't even let me update windows10 without being removed. Can it be transferred to another computer so my husband can use it?

  • Hi Climbergirl! I have reached out to you directly to address your concerns. We have several products in our suite, and all are compatible with Norton, we may just need to make some small tweaks to avoid any performance issues. Once we determine the product version, we can work towards resolution.