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Thanks to everyone that tuned in for this month’s technical support webinar. Don’t worry if you missed the live session though!


We’ve uploaded a recording of the webinar to our support page <Here> so you can share, and catch up.


You can also download the deck used in the presentation <Here>.


For all those who were able to join, we hope you found our presentation both enjoyable and informative. To learn more about our Technical Support Webinar series and sign up for future events at  


For additional BitLocker support find below a few of the most popular solutions we’ve identified. 


 In this quick 30 minute session we’ll take you through an introduction to BitLocker, along with some basic & advanced troubleshooting tips and tricks in answer to the questions we’ve identified as trending through social media, specifically regarding BitLocker key prompts.

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Want to learn more? You can find recordings of our previous Webinars below and at

Create & Use Dell Windows 10 Media

Here we discuss how to create bootable USB media for the installation of Windows 10 on your Dell computer, general operating system installation advice, and how to use command prompt for driver installation (pre-OS).

Ubuntu Basics & Installation

In this quick 40 minute session we’ll take you through the steps to complete an Ubuntu OS installation, while keeping your current Windows install and all your data intact. We’ll also be providing a brief introduction to Ubuntu and talking with Barton George who will be providing his insights into Dells Project Sputnik, Ubuntu collaboration.

Thunderbolt & TB16 Troubleshooting

In this webinar we take you through some of the intricacies relating to Thunderbolt technology, including technical specification overviews and comparisons, along with Docking/Adapter hardware solutions available from Dell that will help you best take advantage of the technology.



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