Clearing Notebook & Desktop BIOS Passwords

Clearing Notebook & Desktop BIOS Passwords


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Clearing Notebook & Desktop BIOS Passwords


What is a BIOS Password?

BIOS level passwords are designed to be the first line of defense against unauthorized access to a system. If set, a user will be required to enter a password before a system has even begun entering Windows. While passwords at this level can provide excellent security benefits, it’s not as straight forward to reset as other passwords may be if they are forgotten.


How to Unlock

Depending on your systems model, unlocking can be performed through several different means. Many Dell Desktops and older notebook systems can have BIOS passwords reset by removing CMOS batteries and adjusting password jumpers (see Article ID: 600157 & Article ID: 52016 below) while modern notebooks and tablet systems will require you contact Dell Technical Support for a ‘Master password’ to be generated.

If contacting support for a master password you will be required to verify your ownership of the system before a password can be generated. Due to the value Dell places on our customers' privacy and security, Dell will not provide a BIOS or hard drive password unless ownership of the system has been properly verified. To make the process as simple as possible have as much of the following information available as possible before contacting support:

·         First and Last Name on the Account

·         Company Name (if applicable)

·         Phone Number (including area code)

·         Street Address, City, State and ZIP

·         Email Address


Transferring Ownership

If your system was purchased recently or the original account information does is not up to date with your details you can request Dell update the systems records by completing an ‘Ownership Transfer’ form. Details of the process and full instructions can be found at the following address:   


Desktop BIOS / Jumper resets

Article ID: 600157 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


How to use the jumper to reset the BIOS password on your Dell laptop (Built before 2004)

Article ID: 52016

  • I am going around in circles trying to find a phone number to call for a BIOS password reset or master password, first to get the price Dell will charge me, then to get it done if price is reasonable (i.e. not greater than the cost of replacement).  The Technical Support link in your blog leads to a forbidden page for me.  Can you give a phone number?  Do you know what Dell currently charges?

  • The website tells me chat with tech support is not available for my product.  I finally got a call through to Dell tech support at 800-847-4096.  As always, this number yields singularly unsatisfactory results.  They tell me the information on your blog is incorrect.  They say the only way they can reset the BIOS password is by replacing the mother board.  Now I don't believe them, but I would like to know more about where to get correct information.  It's an Inspiron 1525 purchased in Feb 2009.