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Script Editor hotkeys

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Key Command
Enter Insert line break
Shift + Enter Insert line break
Ctrl + Enter Insert empty line above
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Insert empty line below


Key Command
Del Delete character/selection
Ctrl + Shift + L Delete line
Ctrl + Del Delete to next word
Backspace Standard backspace behavior
Shift + Backspace Same as backspace
Ctrl + Backspace Backspace to previous word


Key Command
Ctrl + C Copy to clipboard
Ctrl + Ins Copy to clipboard
Ctrl + L Cut line to clipboard
Ctrl + X Cut to clipboard
Shift + Del Cut to clipboard
Ctrl + V Paste from clipboard
Shift + Ins Paste from clipboard
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo


Key Command
Ctrl + 1 Go to the code pane
Ctrl + 2 Go to the variable watch pane
Ctrl + 3 Go to the output/command-line pane
Ctrl + G Go to specific line number
Ctrl + F Search/Replace
Down Move cursor down
Up Move cursor up
Left Move cursor left
Right Move cursor right
Ctrl + Left Move to previous word
Ctrl + Right Move to next word
Home Move to line start
End Move to line end
Ctrl + Home Move to document start
Ctrl + End Move to document end
Page Up Move one page up
Page Down Move one page down
Ctrl + Page Up Move to visible top
Ctrl + Page Down Move to visible bottom
Ctrl + ] Move to matching bracket


Key Command
Ctrl + Down ScrollDown
Ctrl + Up ScrollUp


Key Command
Tab Increase indent
Shift + Tab Decrease indent
Ctrl + Shift + C Comment out selection
Ctrl + Shift + U Uncomment block


Key Command
Shift + Down Select Down
Shift + Up Select Up
Shift + Left Select Left
Shift + Right Select Right
Ctrl + Shift + Left Select To Previous Word
Ctrl + Shift + Right Select To Next Word
Shift + Home Select To Line Start
Shift + End Select To Line End
Ctrl + Shift + Home Select To Document Start
Ctrl + Shift + End Select To Document End
Shift + Page Up Select Page Up
Shift + Page Down Select Page Down
Ctrl + Shift + Page Up Select To Visible Top
Ctrl + Shift + Page Down Select To Visible Bottom
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + Shift + W Select Word
Ctrl + Shift + ] Select To Matching Bracket
Shift + Alt + Down Select Block Down
Shift + Alt + Up Select Block Up
Shift + Alt + Left Select Block Left
Shift + Alt + Right Select Block Right
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Left Select Block To Previous Word
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Right Select Block To Next Word


Key Command
Ctrl + Space IntelliPrompt Complete Word
Ctrl + Shift + Space Show IntelliPrompt Parameter Info
Ctrl + I Insert PowerShell code snippet
Ctrl + I, type VB and press Tab Invoke VBScript converter


Key Command
F5 Run script in debugging mode (with breakpoints, etc.)
Ctrl + F5 Start the script without debugging
Alt + F5 Run the script in the external PowerShell console
Ctrl + F7 Execute selection
Ctrl + C Pause (during script execution)
Ctrl + Alt + Break Pause (during script execution)
Shift + F5 Stop debugging
Ctrl + F10 Run to cursor
F11 Step into
Shift + F11 Step out
F9 Toggle breakpoint

File Operations

Key Command
Ctrl + N New tab
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + S Save file
Ctrl + Shift + S Save files on all tabs
Ctrl + P Print file


Key Command
Ctrl + Shift + U Change Character Casing (to uppercase)
Ctrl + U Change Character Casing (to lowercase)
Number Pad - Code Block Selection Contract
Number Pad + Code Block Selection Expand
Insert Toggle Overwrite Mode
Ctrl + T Transpose Characters
Ctrl + Shift + T Transpose Words
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T Transpose Lines