QAD cmdlets reference

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QAD cmdlets reference

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The ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory is an Active Directory specific automation and scripting shell that provides a command-line management interface for administering directory data either via Quest ActiveRoles Server or by directly accessing Active Directory domain controllers. The ActiveRoles Management Shell is built on Microsoft Windows PowerShell technology.

This reference is for AD cmdlets version 1.4.

You can download AD cmdlets here.

The following cmdlets are currently in the package:


Connecting to AD, domain controllers, ADAM

Generic object management

User management

Group management

Computer accounts

AD security

Email address management

Windows 2008 fine-grained password policies

Certificate and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) management

Auxiliary cmdlets

ActiveRoles Server cmdlets

These cmdlets - although available in the free setup will only work with full commercial Quest ActiveRoles Server product.