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PowerGUI Documentation

To get you started quickly, there are a number of tutorial videos published for PowerGUI. These are available on the following pages:

If you prefer to read online documentation that includes screenshots and step-by-step details where appropriate, you can start in any of the following areas:

If you're facing a technical problem with PowerGUI, be sure to take a look a the following troubleshooting documents and don't forget to post any questions you have on our Forums:

PowerGUI Pro Documentation

PowerGUI Pro is the commercial release of the freeware PowerGUI. PowerGUI Pro contains all of the features of the freeware release, plus these added features:

Commercial customers of PowerGUI Pro will also have access to Quest Technical Support when PowerGUI Pro is released in March 2010.

Localizing PowerGUI

Cmdlet Reference

Quest AD Cmdlets

Active Directory backup and recovery

Exchange backup and recovery

Quest Defender - Two-Factor Authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication

SQL Discovery cmdlets reference

Change Director for SQL Server cmdlets reference

Capacity Manager for SQL Server cmdlets reference

Log Reader cmdlets reference

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