PowerGUI – SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Power Pack

This PowerPack extends PowerGUI with a set of folders, nodes, links and actions that allow you to manage SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services through the webservice. The thick client experience gives an administrator more power to perform day-to-day tasks when compared with Report Manager. Using the methods demonstrated in this pack, an administrator can customise to suit their environment and ease the burden around supporting report services.


Quest AD cmdlets (http://www.quest.com/activeroles_server/arms.aspx) are used to enumerate groups.

How to install:
1. Download the SSRS Powerpack attached to this article
2. Run PowerGUI
3. In PowerGUI, right-click the root node and select Import menu command
4. Import the ReportingServices.powerpack
5. Expand the "Reporting Services" node
6. Select Connections and add your report server names. Click connect.
7. Use any of the subnodes to manage Report Services.

Supported features:
The powerpack is able to perform a considerable number of methods exposed by the web service. Below is a partial list of the supported features
• Work with Reports, Datasources and Folders
• You can create, move and delete items
• List and modify security for items
• List dependencies
• Create linked reports
• Delete history snapshots
• Enable and disable datasources


Revision history:

August 19, 2008
• Added automatic generation of web service proxy (Thanks Mark Kilfoil - LabManager Administration, Dmitry Sotnikov, and Lee Holmes)
• Changed bits of code to handle the multiple namespaces
• Can now enumerate AD groups
• Some tidy up

August 15, 2008
Initial Release