Used PowerGUI version

1. Get-DirSize
- This Script node prompts you for a directory or share path
- Then it takes the path, calculates the total size in kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes of the directory and dynamically adds subdirectory nodes and gives their total size as well..
- Adds a Property named “TotalSize” and stores calculated total there
- It continues down the subdirectories and processes each.
2. Get-User_Usage
- This Script node calculates and groups all files in specified directory by the file owner.
- The Property “Owner” is added to the file object and the total space usage is calculated for each directory and subdirectory and given total size of usage
- Just enter a directory or share and it will process
- Script Link “Owned Files” that will list all files owned by the selected item’s owner.
- Then you have the option to use an added Script Action “Add-ToZip” and add selected files to a specified compressed zip file.
3. Get-LargeFiles
- Specify a directory or share, File Size in digits, & Measurement ( KB,MB,or GB)
- Outputs the files of specified size or larger in given path. ( Can use Add-ToZip to compress)
4. Get-Tempfiles
- Outputs all temporary files of extension .tmp and .temp ( you can add more extensions)
5. Get-OldFiles
- Get all files in path that are specified number of days old or older
6. Get-Compressed
- List all files that are of .zip, .rar, or .tar extension

7. Clear-GlobalVariables (removed)

8. Improved TotalSize and GlobalVariable Functions
- Added New-Directory,New-FileMeasurement,New-FileSize, & New-FileAge to impove use of global variables.
- Added Toggle-TotalSize to allow switching the TotalSize property from integers in bytes to string with KB,MB,or GB notations.

NOTE: Add-ToZip script action can be used on any file object to zip files.