This is a PowerGUI pack providing user interface for fine-grained password policies in Windows 2008 domains.

The pack allows to create new policies, associate them with groups and users, see the resultant policy for a selected user, etc.

The pack has the following system requirements:
* Domain level needs to be Windows Server 2008,
* AD cmdlets installed on this computer.

If you don't have AD cmdlets installed please download them from

To install the pack:
1. Download and install AD cmdlets 1.0.3 or later.
2. Select them in File/PowerShell Libraries.
3. Right-click the file Fine-Grained-Password-Policies.powerpack  attached to this entry and save it to disk.
4. Right-click the root node of the PowerGUI tree, and import the Fine-Grained-Password-Policies.snapin file.