Important: This Powerpack needs version 4.0 U1 of PowerCLI

This PowerPack contains a variety of scripts from and now other blogs such as and transformed and enhanced into a useful PowerPack for both VESI and PowerGUI.

In order to use this PowerPack you will need the 'VMware Infrastructure Management' PowerPack ( installed and need to connect using the connection through that PowerPack, this is a concious decisison as my intent is not to replicate the great work done as part of that PowerPack but purely to add functionality for every day VMware Information needed by consultants and VMware Admins.

This is an early version, some of the nodes will need enhancing to work with every environment.

Suggestions and Requests gratefully received !

12 January 2014: Updated to work with Mobile IT
08 April 2010: Converted to VMware Community PowerPack, multiple new nodes and scrpts
18 December 2009: Updated to use PowerCLU 4.0U1 - multiple new nodes and improved code
16 November 2009: Fixed issue with vCheck
13 November 2009: Updated nearly all nodes to have correct type information
07 November 2009: Added New functionality and nodes
03 November 2009: Updated HAL Information Node to include error checking and write-progress


ESXi Results and Actions

Detailed Network Information

Resources / Shares and Limits