PowerGUI – Websphere MQ Power Pack

This PowerPack extends PowerGUI with a set of folders, nodes, links and actions that allow you to manage Websphere MQ utilising the MQ cmdlets. The current implementation has been teseted with local queue managers only due to time and envrionment limitations. The powerpack has been created to connect to remote queue mangers as well but this has not been tested. 


The powerpack requires the IBM Websphere MQ cmdlets which can be found at the link below.


The powerpack has been tested against Websphere MQ v6.

How to install:
1. Download the MQ Powerpack attached to this article 
2. Run PowerGUI
3. In PowerGUI, right-click the root node and select Import menu command
4. Import the Websphere MQ.powerpack
5. Expand the "Websphere MQ" node and use any of the subnodes to manage Websphere MQ.

Supported features:
The powerpack is able to perform adminstration of local queue mangers
• Work with Queues, Channels, Services, Processes, Name Lists and Listeners
• You can create and delete items
• Set properties of items
• Send test messages
• Clear queues
• Start/Stop processes, services, channels and listeners

Screen Shots:

Revision history:

September 30, 2008
Initial Release