This PowerPack integrates the rich data in the PowerShell help system directly into the PowerGUI console.

It provides details on general help topics (this information isn't as easy to find as you would think!) as well as Cmdlets, Aliases, Functions, PSSnapins, PSProviders and PSDrives. Each item type can be enumerated in its entirety or in subsets based on various criteria. In addition, this PowerPack allows you to explore the PowerShell objects, navigating from the PSSnapin into the PSProviders and Cmdlets, and deeper into each PSDrive. Member information can be retrieved from any object it enumerates.

All in all, a great introduction into the capabilities provided by PowerShell, and something I hope to evolve over time (suggestions welcome and appreciated!).

I decided to blow the dust off of this PowerPack and provide a few more updates, some of which I have had kicking around for a long time. Please note, you should remove the existing Help folder from PowerGUI and then re-import this PowerPack on the root node of PowerGUI to set it up correctly.

- Resource strings used in PowerShell can now be viewed within this PowerPack, along with their resource identifiers.
- Improved access to relevant help information via new actions that have been added to many nodes in the PowerPack.
- Type and format data browsing support; this allows you to view the various view formats associated with specific types as well as the custom formatting that is applied to specific types.
- Renamed root node; the root node is now called 'PowerShell Help'.
- Detailed view of variables with lots of information.
- Support for discovery of parameter aliases.

That covers the majority of changes, but there were many minor updates as well and possibly a bug fix or two that I put in place quite a while ago. As always, feedback is what drives these (aside from features that I add when I come across the need for them), so please let me know what you would like to see in a future release of this PowerPack. Thanks!

Another round of updates for this snap-in. There are many additions and one important fix. Please note, you should remove the existing Help folder from PowerGUI and then re-import this powerpack on the root node of PowerGUI to set it up correctly.

- The builtin Provider explorer (under the Providers|All node) now includes all links and actions so you can fully browse through every Provider that ships with PowerShell (some of the links and actions were previously missing due to an issue in how PowerGUI exports data)
- Cmdlets can now be viewed by Component, Functionality, and Role. This provides better support for the Exchange 2007 Snapin where these tags are used extensively.
- Cmdlets can now be viewed by Parameter. This allows PowerShell users to find commonalities between Cmdlets by the parameters they use.
- Parameters can now be viewed in their own list. This allows PowerShell snapin authors to look at what parameters have already been defined so that they can see if suitable, well-known parameters are already in place that will satisfy their needs when writing Cmdlets
- Examples can now be viewed in their own list. This allows PowerShell snapin authors to verify their snapins have examples included for each Cmdlet.
- Sample Task help documentation can now be opened in the default text editor.
- Snapins can now be added and removed from PowerShell directly within the PowerGUI console.
- Drives can now be viewed by Snapin

There are likely more changes included, but this list describes the majority of the changes. As usual, if you find any issues or have any suggestions, please let me know via the forums or comments directly in this page! I'd love to hear if this helps you out or if you think it is lacking something!

I just re-posted the PowerPack with the following updates/fixes:
- The Topics node should properly load on Windows Vista systems
- If you are viewing the Topics on a system with the MUI pack installed and your default language is not English, clicking on the "Open Help File" action will now open the help file in your language
- If you try to view the help information for a cmdlet and that information is missing, a dialog will appear indicating that the help information is missing (this is useful when verifying all help information has been added to your PSSnapin; just select all your cmdlets in the cmdlet view and click the Open Help File link -- if any are missing, a dialog will appear)
- Added Sample Tasks node; this node is new and I'm still working on it. Right now it just gives you a list of all sample tasks that are included in the documentation of the PSSnapins
- Standardized the naming convention for links and actions. No more ellipsis and the language is consistent

Please, if you find bugs or have suggestions on how this can be improved, please let me know!