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Find all Groups that are mail enabled and are not Universal groups.

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I have been tasked with finding all groups that are mail enabled and are not universal groups.

I can't figure out the switch to use to find if the group is mail enabled.

This is the command I have developed: Get-QADGroup -GroupType Security ; Distribution -LdapFilter "(email=*)"

But the above command does not return if it is mail enabled. I also want it to query both security and distribution.

I'll then need to set the Security, Distribution groups to Universal from this query.


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  • This should do it, remove -whatIf to change the group scope.

    Get-QADGroup -SizeLimit 0 -LdapFilter '(mail=*)' | Where-Object {$_.GroupType -match 'Security|Distribution' -and $_.GroupScope -ne 'Universal'} | Set-QADGroup -GroupScope Universal
  • Thank you very much.