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Dell UPS With Eaton

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Dell UPS is built to run at 95 to 98% efficiency. A more efficient UPS consumes less and dissipates less heat to reduce cooling costs. With a 3 year warranty including batteries, Dell UPS offers an intuitive LCD including real time load, ACTUAL battery runtime, and Dell's patent tool less rail system.

Check out the attachments for detailed information on the products as well as run time charts or visit us online at the link below.

Configure your Dell UPS!

Dell UPS and PDU offerings are featured in a recent Power Solutions Article.

"Outfitting a complete data center installation requires more than just servers, storage, and switches: IT managers must also account for power, cooling, and systems management needs to help ensure that the data center is both functional and efficient."

Software User Manuals for Dell UPS! Did you know Dell UPS Software is Free through

  1. Dell just released an upgraded version of the Dell UPS management software with improved VMWare 4.1 support. Version: 01.12.0005, A06 Released 6-14-2011 The new revision of the UPS Management Software CD now incorporates support for VMware® ESX 4.1 and ESXi 4.1
  2. Product Support Quick Notes.
  3. Software Manual including VMware Install.

Dell UPS Connectivity Questions Answered Here!

The options for all the Dell UPS units are USB (default, cable included), RS232 (not default, no cable included) & Network Management Card (optional H910P card). The USB option is very good for SMB type applications where the UPS is just shutting down a few servers.

The USB connection method relies on the Dell UPS Management Software to broadcast the UPS status across the LAN to other servers being protected by the UPS.

In the event of “low battery” the server connected to the UPS by USB broadcasts the status message to shut down to the other servers. Of course this relies on the host server not crashing in order to broadcast the message. So if this is not acceptable to the user they can use the H910P network card which allows an unlimited number of servers to communicate directly with the UPS over the LAN. It uses SNMP as it’s main communication protocol. The NMC also allows users to log into the UPS over a web browser and also to alarm to SNMP management tools such as DMC, OpenView, Tivoli etc.

The NMC is also a requirement if the customer is using an ESXi 4.0 system as the USB or RS232 will not work with it (a problem with the ESXi drivers to support USB/RS232).

  • The software is now updated with support for all latest OS including VMware, Xen, Hyper-V, Linux.  You can download it from here:

    The software now offers agentless management of VMWare and Xen infrastructures, and simplified management of all other virtualized infrastructures.

    Check our for videos and more informmation.