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Dell™ OpenManage™ Power Center (OMPC) management console provides increased visibility over power consumption, anomalies, and utilization through fine-grained instrumentation. This enables increased control, improved rack density, faster response times, greater accuracy, and broader decision-making intelligence than would otherwise be possible. When used with a 12th-generation PowerEdge server with an iDRAC7 Enterprise license on a system with an Intel chipset, OMPC leverages Intel Node Manager technology for platform-level power reporting and capping of Intel chipsets. Power Center then communicates with the Dell iDRAC7 on each managed server to provide node, rack, row or data-center level aggregation of power-management data, as well as execution of control policy - making it easy for IT professionals to identify areas to gain efficiencies and cut wasteful costs.

Dell OpenManage Power Center enables you to:

  • Measure energy consumed by IT equipment at a server, rack, row, or room level
  • Mitigate Risk by reducing power consumption per a pre-defined policies that maximize the uptime of business critical applications by reducing non-critical consumption
  • Increase data center density by identifying racks with equipment not using the power capacity that has been wired into it.

When used with Dell 12th Generation Servers (with the iDRAC Enterprise license) these additional features are available:

  • Millisecond fast power capping before tripping a circuit breaker
  • Enable oversubscribed power supply configurations
  • Customers can set power caps individually or in groups

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Dell™ OpenManage™ Power Center version 2.0 is now available! This version brings the following new features:

  • Improved User Interface providing intuitive flow with fewer keystrokes
  • Dashboard for quick view of power headroom and device usage
  • Provide the power and space utilization within the racks.
  • Power monitoring and capping for M1000e - chassis level.
  • Power monitoring and capping/budgeting for PE-C servers (C6220, C8220, C8220x) with a separate license

See below for download information.

Download OpenManage Power Center

  • Download Dell OpenManage Power Center - current version is 2.0 (October 2013)
  • Note, there are three files available: one installer each for Windows and Linux and a permanent license file
  • Each of the installers each comes with a temporary, 60-day license. To continue using OMPC after the trial period, download and install the perpetual license.

OpenManage Power Center Resources:

OpenManage Power Center Device Documentation & Support:
  • Dell PowerCenter Documentation on
  • Dell 11th and 12th Generation PowerEdge servers can provide power measurement via IPMI
  • Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge servers with the iDRAC7 Enterprise option can have their power managed or capped either individually or as part of a group power policy  
  • Metered or Managed PDU and UPS can provide power measurement through SNMP
  • Dell PowerEdge M1000e chassis enclosures can be discovered through WSMAN
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