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Dell™ OpenManage™ Power Center (OMPC) management console provides increased visibility over power consumption, anomalies, and utilization through fine-grained instrumentation. This enables increased control, improved rack density, faster response times, greater accuracy, and broader decision-making intelligence than would otherwise be possible.

When used with a 12th and 13th generation PowerEdge server with an iDRAC Enterprise license on a system with an Intel chipset, OMPC leverages Intel Node Manager technology for platform-level power reporting and capping of Intel chipsets. Power Center then communicates with the Dell iDRAC on each managed server to provide node, rack, row or data-center level aggregation of power-management data, as well as execution of control policy - making it easy for IT professionals to identify areas to gain efficiencies and cut wasteful costs.

The latest version of OMPC is 3.2. 

Key Benefits of Dell OpenManage Power Center are:

  • Measure energy consumed by IT equipment at a server, rack, row, or room level
  • Mitigate Risk by reducing power consumption per a pre-defined policies that maximize the uptime of business critical applications by reducing non-critical consumption
  • Increase data center density by identifying racks with equipment not using the power capacity that has been wired into it.

When used with Dell PowerEdge servers with an iDRAC Enterprise license these additional features are available:

  • Enable oversubscribed power supply configurations
  • Customers can set power caps individually or in groups
  • Millisecond fast power capping before tripping a circuit breaker (additional license required for 13th generation Dell servers)

New features in OMPC 3.2

  • Hardware Support:
    • New 13G PowerEdge Servers
    • Additional PDU models.
    • Ability to chain PDUs.
  • New power policy based on thermal conditions. 
  • Introducing a user customizable dashboard

Key features (carried over from prior versions):

  • Group power calculation based on the PDU
  • Support for PowerEdge VRTX Chassis power monitoring and management
  • Support for FX/FX2 Chassis.
  • PE-C support of select models. 
  • Introducing Analysis and Planning Features:
    • Analyze the server power characteristics per server model for future expansion
    • Assist in capacity expansion and placement suggestions. 
    • Identify the underutilized servers in the data center based on power consumption pattern.
    • Identify the potential cooling concerns in the data center.
  • View real-time system airflow history of the Dell’s 13th generation of PowerEdge servers.
  • Replicate the data center hierarchy on the iDRAC location based on OMPC physical location modelling.
  • View, analyze, and report the Subsystem power and Compute Usage Per Second (CUPS) values
    • CPU and Memory Subsystem power consumption (Dell PowerEdge 12G onwards)
    • CPU Utilization (Dell PowerEdge 13G Onwards)
    • Memory bandwidth utilization (Dell PowerEdge 13G Onwards)
    • I/O bandwidth utilization (Dell PowerEdge 13G Onwards)
  • Display PDU socket connection mapping with the device.
  • Schedule OMPC database backup.
  • Power Monitoring of non-Dell servers with a customer purchased license. (For more information on the supported models, refer to user guide)
  • Easy access to Device/Virtual Groups summary, events, policies and power/thermal threshold settings
  • Easy to use wizards for Discovery, Device Management, Policies
  • Support for additional protocols for device discovery
  • Re-usable search queries for Devices, Policies and Events
  • Schedule discovery tasks and option to deactivate tasks during peak hours
  • Reports:
    • Pre-defined reports templates to easily create, run, and export reports
    • REST API support for reports
    • Reporting “stranded power” in the data center
  • Log application events/errors for the end user
  • Power Control Tasks:
    • To manage remote devices and control power spikes during power-on operation
  • Configurable chassis inventory schedule and immediate execution on need basis
  • Configurable user interface session time for a secure console

Operating systems supported in OMPC:

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.6, 7.0
  • SLES 12
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition

Quick OMPC Overview:

Simple and effective

  • HTML UI and Faster responsiveness
  • Quick & Easy to install
  • Simple to use and learn
  • Brief Asset Reporting (Service-Tag, Model Name)
  • Install supported on both Windows & Linux

Agent-free monitoring and management:

  • Discover and Correlate blades-iDRAC and Chassis
  • Power & Thermal monitoring independent of Operating System


  • Dashboard for quick view of power headroom and device usage
  • Provide the power and space utilization within the racks.
  • Power monitoring and capping for M1000e - chassis level.


Dell OpenManage Power Center is free to download, install and use except below two features. To enable any of these would require importing the respective license to OMPC.   

SKUs Description

210-ADBB & 528-BBEW (SKUs are tied)

OMPC Power Capping, Budgeting, and Policy License (Perpetual, single node)

210-ADO1 & 528-BBEX (SKUs are tied)

OMPC non-Dell server power monitoring license (Perpetual, single node)

A license is imported to OMPC and activates the respective functionality. The Power Policy/Capping and Budgeting require Dell servers with iDRAC Enterprise installed.

To order an add-on license for Power Capping and/or non-Dell server monitoring contact your Dell sales rep (1-800-999-3355) or visit to chat with us.

For a 90 day, 5-managed-node evaluation license of any of these two features, use the following SKUs:

Trial SKU SKU Description
634-BDZZ OpenManage Power Center Policy and Budgeting Trial
634-BDZY OpenManage Power Center non-Dell server Monitoring Trial


Download Dell™ OpenManage™ Power Center v3.2 (May 2016) 

To test Dell iDRAC, Chassis and PDU/UPS connectivity from your management station, you can use Dell Troubleshooting Tool (Supported on Microsoft Windows OS) 






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