Dell Energy Smart rack enclosuresA common concern in data centers of all sizes today is how to manage airflow effectively and operate the data center efficiently. The most efficient way to use cooling air in a data center is to have all of the air travel through the IT equipment only once. Containment is a growing trend for managing airflow.

Containment separates the air pathways to and from the rack. It is commonly done at the rack or aisle level and can be implemented on the cold or hot side. There are a number of options for implementing containment available, but many of them, such as chimney racks or aisle containment, require on-site customization which may affect the routing of fire-suppression systems or other facilities.

The Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart containment rack enclosure is an easily deployed containment solution that can overcome density limitations and improve cooling efficiency in a raised-floor data center. It is designed to provide even distribution of airflow to all equipment installed in the rack. Air is pulled into the rack using a tight seal over perforated tiles and directed into the front extension, based on the needs of the installed equipment. The integrated containment eliminates hot spots in the rack that might require depopulation of equipment, so that the new rack can easily support higher-density installations, up to 25kW in a single rack. This also allows the computer room air conditioner (CRAC) unit to operate more efficiently, reducing the amount of air being emitted and lowering operating costs.

The Energy Smart rack can be used in any data center that utilizes a raised floor to deliver air. Since the Energy Smart rack provides passive cooling only, requiring no additional power for operation, it can be deployed in new or existing data centers, one at a time or in multiples, and additional Energy Smart racks can be added as needed.

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