Dell is committed to leading the market in helping customers achieve greater levels of energy efficiency. Working with customers, Dell helps businesses achieve energy efficiency through the combination of the most relevant energy-efficient technology, partnerships with best-in-class equipment vendors, and energy-optimizing professional services and tools.

Check out the latest tools to help you understand the power needs and potential energy savings of Dell servers: the Energy Smart Solution Advisor ( and the Dell Server Power & Space Savings Tool ( or Additionally we have content here on the Dell TechCenter on Best Practices in Power Management.

You can also learn more about the upcoming Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart containment rack enclosure.

Dell Power and Cooling white papers - A collection of Dell Product Group studies and best practice white papers.

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Achieving the Next Level

Multimedia: Power and Cooling: Achieving the Next Level
An interactive publication from Scientific Computing devoted exclusively to High Performance Computing (HPC) and Power and Cooling.

HPC Power & Cooling: Getting IT Contained

HPC-specific Content

  • Dell Enterprise Reliability Engineering Fresh Air Cooling Research (Updated July 2010):
    Check out Dell Enterprise Reliability Engineering's latest findings on Fresh Air Cooling.

  • Dell Data Center Infrastructure discusses how IT equipment will respond to external pressures.
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) whitepaper on the need to control airborne contaminants, both particulate and gaseous, in data centers and to specify recommended acceptable levels. Posted courtesy of ASHRAE.
Check out the ASHRAE whitepaper.

  • Rack Infrastructure Effects on Thermal Performance of a Server:
  • Energy Advantages of Containment Systems:
  • Energy Impact of Increased Server Inlet Temperature:

Dell papers describing the Dell Point of View on Energy Efficiency in the Data Center:

  • Redefining the Green Data Center:

  • Compute More, Consume Less: Smart Policies Unleash Data Center Productivity:

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