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Power and Cooling

Power and Cooling
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  • power problem

    my dell inspiron was charging just fine last week. then suddenly friday of last week it started saying it was plugged in but my battery is not charging. i dont know if its my battery, my power cord, or a hardware problem.
  • How to configure UPS Management Software agent

    Hi I have 1000w dell ups for 2 server PowerEdge R410 .I have installed UPS Management Software and connect ups with serial cable RS232 on the first server . after i installed UPS Management Software on other server and follwo this guide : then...
  • Connectivity & Communication Options for the Dell UPS

    The options for all the Dell UPSs are USB (default, cable included), RS232 (not default, no cable included) & Network Management Card (optional H910P card). The USB option is very good for SMB type applications where the UPS is just shutting down a few servers. The USB connection method relies on...
  • Fan Problems

    I own a Dell Dimension 2400 Computer and when i go to the start menu to put into standby it stalls out so i have to go under the task manager and click standby. Well it says Preparing to Standby, and it makes that sound that goes " Tick Dooooo " ( the doooo is like it is powering down...
  • Dell Configuration Calculator

    At some point in the past couple of years, I downloaded a power calculation tool (excel spreadsheet) called DellConfigCalculator-US-1.xls. It has a tab for each Dell product with configuration parameters that calculate power draw and heat generation. Please tell me there's a new version available...
  • Power Calculation

    Got a power configuration question , hope someone can help. In the datacenter, for a 42U cabinet, put in 20s poweredge 2950 server. Is L5 20 enough? I don't know anything about the power. The cabinet has 2 power strips, it will be redundant. Not sure if L5 20 will handle it or it will overload, If...
  • Dell UPS Manuals and User guides Link

    Here is the link for Dell UPS manuals:
  • dell studio 1558 baterry problem

    Hello, Maybe you can help me. I have Dell studio 1558 and today i see this error when I plug in the power cable. What is it ?
  • Power sizeing M610

    I need information on how to determine power usage for a 256 node HPC cluster based on M1000e and PowerEdge M610. Do we have a calculator for this?
  • Using Dell UPS with API

    On the recent tech chat session a user asked if it was possible to manage the Dell UPS using API. This is possible by using an open source command line interface sponsored by Eaton called NUT (Network UPS Tools). The builds and instructions are available on the URL: