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1920w Tower UPS Power Problem

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1920w Tower UPS Power Problem

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Hello, I have a 1920w Tower UPS that didn't come with any batteries. Should the UPS power up and show display even when there are no batteries present? Thank you.

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    No, the main battery is required for operation. The EBM is optional and can be hot swapped, but the system will not function without the primary battery installed.


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  • That's awesome to hear... because I got 7 of these things at an auction and I'm plugging them in and none are showing display. I was wondering if these could all really be bad so that's reassuring. Thanks for getting back to me, I really appreciate it :)

  • The issue you are going to have is building the battery pack. The UPSs do not take an off-the-shelf battery pack that plugs right in. If you had a dead battery pack it is easy to rebuild them. Did any of them come with battery packs installed?