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Finding Dell UPS Basic Information

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Finding Dell UPS Basic Information

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I have a Dell rack mounted UPS that I am trying to get the manual and service on but I can't find the model number, service tag, etc. The only thing that I can find is the front of the UPS that says Dell 1000w. I spent some time on the dell web site and I finally found a link in the forum for Dell UPS manuals. Unfortunately the UPS listed was for a Dell UPS 500T but the good thing was that the LED screens were similar so I was able to get some idea about the warning I was getting. What I would like to know is if anyone could help me in locating all the relevant information I listed about so I can get some assistance from Dell and change the batteries. There is not the usual Service Tag tab or anything similar and I figured it must be in the LED screen but I did not want to go poking around in there is I didn't need to. Below is a screen shot from the Dell website that I found and this is exactly what my UPS looks like, but go figure the page has no model number.


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  • The replacement battery for the 1000W rack UPS is A7070384.

  • Is there an exact model for this information or do you know where I can find it. I have looked on front of the UPS, behind and I can't find it. I need to get the manual to try and find out how to change the batteries.


  • Leslie, first thank you very much for all the information. For two days I have been tearing the internet apart and speaking with multiple people to try and get this information correct. You gave me more accurate information that most of the Dell tech's I spoke with on the phone. Unfortunately I have two more quick questions. First, can I hot swap the batteries? It would be a huge operational pain in the *** to shut down the servers in order to swap the batteries. I want to know if I could disconnect the battery tray, pull it out, swap the batteries, and then return the tray without shutting the UPS down. I was kind of worrying about a short. Second, where on the UPS can I locate the service tag? We looked all over the UPS and even looked through the LED menu and could not find the service tag. I need it in order to get support from Dell. THANK YOU again, you have helped out more than you could know.

  • Yes, you can hot swap the batteries without shutting down the UPS and servers.  When you disconnect the batteries, the UPS will go into bypass which will allow power to flow to the equipment but you will not be protected during this time.  Once the new batteries have been installed, the UPS will come back online and continue to provide conditioned battery backup power.

    Older Dell UPS models do not have service tags.  Dell Tech Support should be able to reference the original dell order # or a service tag from a rack or server that the UPS was purchased with.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you have additional questions-