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power problem

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My Latitude e6500 occassionally shuts down. I opened it checked the fan which was not rotating. Pulling the plug, I measured only 2V DC to power the 5V fan. Is there a way to repair this or is there another location I can find 5 Volts?

Thank you


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  • Hi Jerry,

    Please check the link below if it can helps you fix the issue,if not feel free to open a ticket with Dell customer support (800-945-3355 ).




  • Hi, sorry for jumping in.

    My dell inspiron just suddenly cannot be turn on.

    The light of power button is on, but the monitor shows nothing.It once said "there is an error to log in process" on the monitor... and then it just turn dark. Do you have any idea about my laptop? Waiting for your help.

    Thank you,