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What is New with Dell UPS

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What is New with Dell UPS

  • Happy New Year!!! We have a lot of updates for the New Year, read below to find out all the exciting info. 

    So what’s all the hype?

    The core product does not change – customers will not need to re-evaluate or change design specs.  The changes relate to features around the core product:

     Feature enhancements

    • Service Tags – each UPS will now have a service TAG for simplified tech support access
    • Input power cords for hardwired UPSs
    • Environmental Monitoring Probes for all UPSs (requires NMC)
    • New UPS management software
    • Dedicated product pages on dell.com

     Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP)

    This will allow customers to monitor temperature, humidity and other user-defined parameters within their rack. 

    This data rolls up into the new UPS Management Software which we released just before Christmas.


    Service Tags
    Each UPS will now have a service Tag, giving customers improved access to Tech Support.

    Software & firmware updates can also be found via support.dell.com by using the service tag.


     Input cord for Hardwired UPSs
    Within the base code build will now be an input cord option for every hardwired UPS. 

    Customers no longer need to provide their own input cable.


  • Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP)

  • The 10kW Dell UPS was launched earlier this year, offering the same benefits of the rest of the range:  3yr warranty including batteries (extendable to 5yrs), tool-less installation using Dell ReadyRails, ServiceTag for instant identification of firmware and software etc.  More information can be seen on www.dellups.com/10kW