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Bios update

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Bios update

  • I noticed in the recent 2.3.1 bios release notes that it mentioned the following...

    "Fixed possible system hang with Demand-Based Power Management enabled"

    Should I disable performance/power monitoring on my servers till this new update is applied?? or is this related to some other function?



    System: Dell(TM) PowerEdge(TM) 1950
    Version: 2.3.1
    Release Date: 05/23/2008

    * Added support for Quad-Rank 8GB DIMMs
    * Updated Intel(R) Memory Reference Code to revision 1.3.2
    * Fixed possible system hang with Demand-Based Power Management enabled
    * Fixed slow memory test for some configurations
    * Fixed CPU error in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system error log
    * Prevent downgrading to BIOS version that does not support the installed CPU
    or DIMM.
  • I would not worry about it unless you are seeing a specific issue related to this. Are your 1950's hanging for no apparent reason?

    We have a bunch of 1950's and I'm not planning on updating to this BIOS for at least a few months.