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Datacentre temperature

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Datacentre temperature

  • Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if there is any official Dell documentation regarding dataceter temperature?

    We have about 90 physical servers, 80-ish virtual servers, a Ericson PABX (plus ups for same), 4 x Cisco 6500s, a couple of server switch stacks, assorted routers/firewalls 3 or 4 EMC SANs and fibre switches etc etc ...

    We did have the temp set to 19.9 but have just raised it to 22.... so wondering what everyone else has these set to...


  • @Stooartbaby:

    Still searching to see if there is any Dell documentation on datacenter temperature recommendations. I've also asked the power and cooling experts so waiting for their responses as well.

    As for the temperature settings in labs, I have worked in three Dell labs: (A) 1st lab had about 100 physical servers + 200 desktop client systems + Dell MD and PV storage arrays.... it was kept at 22 degrees C; (B) 2nd lab was smaller and had about 40 physical servers + two M1000e chassis with 6-8 blade servers in each + PS5000 & MD3000 storage arrays + one CX3-80.... it was kept at 23 degrees C; (C) this was the biggest lab that I have been involved with - it has hundreds of physical servers + numerous storage arrays- iSCSI+FC+DAS+NAS... temp was set to 22 degrees C.
  • Thanks for the reply, yes i agree, the research I have seen so far mentiones 22 degrees as the norm.. I would be great if we could capture temp readings from our servers so that we can gragh a trend.

    Have a great day!
  • @Stooartbaby,

    Thank you for your question.

    This is the answer that I received from David Moss, Dell's DCI Strategist. And thank you David for sharing your expertise.

    "The recommended temperature to supply at the server inlet is 75 degrees F. This is roughly 24C. This is the likely point of least energy used by the facility. This is the recommendation for operating temperature for a facility cooled by mechanical means (refrigerated air). If the facility utilizes outside air for cooling, the recommended temperature would be a bit higher, but I wouldn’t put a specific number without further discussion. It is difficult to maintain this temperature across all locations within the facility without using some form of containment system (containing rack intake or rack exhaust). Without this, most facilities choose to run their operating temperatures much colder to keep the hotter spots under control."

    David has two white papers that are forthcoming that will address your question in more detail and containment. Please stay tuned to