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Power Supply for the PE2850 & PE1850

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Power Supply for the PE2850 & PE1850

  • I need to supply power to a PE2850 & PE1850 rack.
    Does each shelf on the rack require an outlet or does the rack have it's own internal power distribution?
    If so, can the rack be supplied with 230V, 3-phase power?
  • Each of those servers has redundant switch power supplies. Typically a rack will have a PDU that then legs out to smaller PDUs where the servers power supplies connect.

    You typically wire a rack with 2 legs of 230V power and plug a supply from each server into each leg, so you can lose a leg and still be up.

    Here's an older doc, but the architecture has not changed -- http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pedge/en/rapidpower_bestpractices.doc

    Hope that helps !