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Cooling needs of R710

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Cooling needs of R710

  • I am trying to get an idea of how much cooling would be required for 5 Dell PowerEdge R710 servers with dual 870W power supplies.

    The tech guidebook lists each power supply at 2968.6 BTU /hr, would this mean that each server would have approx 6000 BTU/hr?

    The Energy Star Data Sheet suggests with a dual power supply a thermal heat generation between 300 and 500 watts.

    Which numbers should I use? Where can I get some numbers to give to our HVAC engineer?
  • If I read the guidebook correctly, each power supply at a maximum would produce 2968 BTU/hr. With 2 supplies this would be close to 6000 BTU/hr, but keep in mind this is a maximum value. You have the high output power supplies so the energy star sheet would not come into play. I would give you HVAC engineer the maximum values for the total number of servers you have or might have in the future. Then let the HVAC engineer determine what is appropriate for you space, they typically just need to know the BTU/hr as a heat load for your space. Also, be sure to include any network, monitor and other gear that would be on and possibly generating heat.
  • Actually I found this Energy Smart Solution Advisor

    to be quite helpful. It suggested about 5500 BTU/hr for five servers.