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Foglight for SQL Server

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We are currently monitoring the sql servers with foglight. For all the templates and db expansion reports that are currently available with 5.6, is it possible to run these reports against multiple instances (not all monitored instances or single instance)?

Also can we run it against grouped instances listed under DBWC_GV_GroupsContainer or DBWC_GV_GroupsIdentifier (under services categories)?


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  • Can you let me know which templates/reports you are trying to run with multiple servers/groups?  I'd like to provide you with an example of how to do what you are looking for, if possible.


  • Thanks for your prompt response.

    I am trying to execute the below reports/templates for multiple SQL Server instances

    (SQL templates)

    Enterprise SQL Server Performance Summary

    Workload Summary Report

    SQL Server Executive Summary Report

    I/O Activity

    Memory Report

    Storage Report

    (DB Expansion Pack)

    SQL Server Resource Usage Summary Report

    Enterprise SQL Server Performance Summary Dashboard


  • Hi Jason,

    Any updates? Thanks

  • Hello All,

    I will be glad to get an update for this issue.

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    Netanel Ferdinaro