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foglight Tablespace dashboard

foglight Tablespace dashboard

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Hi to all

does anyone has a problem with Table space ( Data File ) dashboard, I have no data for one of my DB instances.

For all others is everything ok, but for one of them the Dashboard is empty.

here is from log file:

 ERROR   [http-exec-147] - For function id=system:oracle.getLastHistoryPoint name="'get Last History Point' from the System module Databases/Oracle", the value returned by the script: "Static value of type: "java.lang.Integer"" is not assignable to the script output type: wcf:MetricValue

Thanks in advance


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  • Hello Nicola,

    Can you open a support case for this issue please ?

  • Hello

    I was thinking to find the solution here maybe. Probably I will open SR, but maybe someone know something about my case.