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I want to create rule about special oracle lock.

I want to create rule about special oracle lock.

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Dear All

If Oracle rock event "low rock" occurred, I want to get an alarm.
Is it possible?



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  • Row locks are very common and with short durations, normally harmless.  They are often related to the application logic.  In this case it is an Oracle E-Business from which is being held open with uncommitted changes.  So the duration is key as you would not want to get notified for every row lock, but only those with a significant duration, i.e. > N seconds.  So to that point, why not utilize the out of the box lock alarm?  Did you get notified by this in your case? There are a couple out of the box lock rules, like "DBO - Lock Wait Contention".  You can use these out of the box rules as examples if you want to copy the rule and make modifications.  To alarm on a specific lock condition would be possible, but we would need to dig into the data model to make sure we can pull the lock event into the rule condition.  However, I don't think you really want to be that specific as I would think any lock of significant duration would be of interest.

    Additionally, the Foglight Oracle E-Business cartridge includes a special alarm related to application locks to provide the name of the application user who is holding the lock.  This is typically much more useful than the APPS database user which makes all of the application connections.  If you have the Performance Analysis solution integrated with Foglight, you can also get the application username that way too for blocking locks.


    I hope this helps,