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Foglight not discovering Mirroring on SQL Server

Foglight not discovering Mirroring on SQL Server

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Hi All,

I have two Windows Server 2003 with SQL Server 2005 that have mirroring configured, when I do the auto discover on Foglight and monitor these databases I cannot see any mirroring panel, there is any additional steps to monitor the mirroring?

I have no witness server.




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  • Hi Bruno

    I had a similar issue here - one SQL cluster showed the mirror, the other did not.  Long story short, a new defect was raised for this (SSDB-10311).  In the meantime, I would suggest you open a call with Dell Support and if you quote my SR number of<ADMIN NOTE: service request number removed per privacy policy>, they may be able to reference that to see if it is the same issue.


  • Hi Brian,

    The issue that Bruno is seeing is different to the issue that you where seeing.  You had the issue with not being able to see the Mirroring configuration within a SQL2008 instance without granting Sysadmin privileges to the SQL Server user account being used by Foglight, which was defect id SSDB-10311.  

    Bruno, is not seeing the mirroring configuration for his SQL2005 instances, but is able to see it for his SQL2008 instances within the Foglight UI console.