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Restrict usability rule to a subset of databases

Restrict usability rule to a subset of databases

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Hi all,

How can I restrict the "DBO - Usability Connection Availability" rule to a particular set of databases?

I'm not sure how to rewrite the rule condition for that.

Thanks for your time.

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  • I assume by restrict, you mean disable or enable.  The easiest way is to not even touch the rule condition itself, but to use the administrative function of the databases dashboard.  On the databases dashboard, select all of the instances where you want to enable or disable this rule.  Then select "agent settings" and then "Administration".  At this point all changes here will be shared by the instances you have selected.  Pick "Alarms" and then the rule in question.  Then you can enable or disable as desired.  The click "set configuration on selected agents".

    I hope this helps,


  • So for a default rule I can configure it to a subset of databases using the agent settings administration interface. When I create a copy of that rule it's not found in the agent setting administration interface. So in that case I believe I need to edit the rule condition with a where clause to a subset of databases?